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Admitting that you 
need help is not a 
weakness, it is the 
ultimate sign of 
Wanting the best for yourself is not selfish, it is your purpose.


Jorey began his law enforcement career in 2006. By 2010, Jorey could tell that something was wrong, but believed that his problems were because of his career choice. In an attempt to fix the problems and have a better family life, Jorey left the police force and attended law school. Jorey worked as a government attorney out of law school, and enjoyed much of his career defending police officers.

In 2016, Jorey was diagnosed with PTSD. Both relieved and concerned about his diagnosis, Jorey began seeing a counselor. In 2017, after a year of counseling, Jorey attempted to take his life. Desperate for a solution, Jorey sought treatment from a psychiatrist. After another year, Jorey began to have suicidal ideations yet again. Frustrated by the thought that he wasn't healing, Jorey turned to non-traditional means to overcome PTSD.

Jorey began learning about Trauma Informed Life Coaching and studying the works of Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk. Jorey decided to institute his own program design in his own life. 3 days later, Jorey's physical symptoms from PTSD were gone and have never returned. 

Jorey would love to help you reach the life peace that he has found, without abandoning who you are.


Thriving with PTSD or Anxiety

You have PTSD or Anxiety. It doesn't have to have you. 

You can live life to the fullest despite a diagnosis. Visit us to see how.

Leadership Design

Leadership is a Character Trait, not a title. You can be an amazing, powerful, happy, and inspirational Leader, without being the "Leader" that everyone hates. Join us to learn how to be a great Leader, and start without having ever having  read a single  Leadership Book. 

Surviving to Thriving

We all want to live the best life possible, but many of us feel like we are on a path that we cannot escape. That simply is not true, and we want to help you learn why, and how to live the life you want and deserve.

Empowered Youth

Young adults in High School and in College are the perfect age to learn to break down all the false "truths" that we learn in childhood.

(And adulthood for that matter).

This is especially important for those contemplating suicide. Teaching these lessons to young adults is an incredibly important responsibility, which we are proud to be a part of.


When you are ready to throw out the book that has been written for you and write your own story, Jorey is ready to help you do it!

Take a look at Jorey's different offerings and pick the format that best fits your needs.


Personal Coaching

Whether you have experienced trauma in your life and it negatively affects your life in a significant way, or you are interested in Leadership training or Personal Development, Jorey wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of. 




When you attend an event where Jorey is speaking, you will purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life you dream about. Ready to get started? Click below and fill out a short form to discover what positive change really feels like.


Designing Your Future

All over the world, countless clients are benefiting from this and other services. It’s time to transform your life, and Jorey is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed. Fill out your information below to learn more.


"I can honestly say at moments during the presentation, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the next topic or the end of that particular story or example. His story was so real, It really made me sit up and take notice. It gave me hope to seek a way out to avoid suicidal thoughts. 
Keep using those great examples!"

Deputy Chiota
Orange County, FL





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